SeaLand Vacuflush Systems

SeaLand Vacuflush products are fabricated using the most modern technology but periodic maintenance remains crucial!

When an installation has not been running for a while or there has been a gap in maintenance, some failures can happen.

Most of the time these failures are easy to solve, like:

• The vacuum pump runs too regularly
• The system has no or too little vacuum, or the red light shows 'not ready'
• The toilet has no flushing water
• Water is leaking around the bowl.

aangekoekteslangWhen the installation gives an unpleasant odour under (or above) the floor, we can check the whole system for you, including whether the hoses are porous.

Older hoses can contain sediment in the hoses, and sometimes they lose two thirds of their capacity!

Winterizing your system

If your Sealand installation will be out of use for an extended period, the installation has to be winterized.

Remnants of toilet paper and faeces can turn into hard sediment which can harm your installation if you do not use your SeaLand toilet for a while.

At the end of the sailing season the whole system, including the holding tank, needs to be cleaned and flushed with fresh water. When there is a risk of frost, the water-flushing part need to be drained and some parts of the installation need to be filled with an antifreeze mix to prevent damage!

Spare parts and complete service packs

We supply original SeaLand spare parts and also complete service packs for your SeaLand Vacuflush installation on board!


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