Is your yacht for sale?

When your yacht is for sale and you have a potential buyer on board, you or your agent don´t want to be confronted with:

• Water and/or oil in the bilge
• navigation or other equipment that does not work properly
• a toilet and/ or sanitation that smells or does not function properly
• an anchor winch that is blocked
• oil on or around the engine.

Most of the time we can solve these small problems low budget and very quickly.
We can do a "Sales Check" and give you a full report with our remarks for a fixed amount.

During this check we test the following items:

* navigation, interior and exterior lights
* navigation and surrounding equipment
* 12V DC - 24V DC - 230V AC and 400V AC electrical equipment
* air conditioning – central heating/hot air systems
* fresh water (warm-cold) system
* fridge, freezer, dishwasher, etc.
* sanitation, toilets and black-grey water installations
* bilge pumps, level switches and bilge alarm
* main engine(s) and generator(s)**
* deck equipment.

After this check, you will receive a full report with all the checked items and our remarks.

To repair or not?

With our 'Sales Check' report, you can choose what to repair.
If desired we can give a free quotation to repair the items mentioned in our report.


** Motor diagnostics are not included.

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